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     By connecting Japan and the world through proper immigration control services under the motto "Internationalization in compliance with the rules," making efforts for smoother cross-border human mobility, and deporting undesirable aliens for Japan, the Immigration Bureau, the Ministry of Justice makes contributions to sound development of the Japanese society.

To those who need an alien registration record
The Immigration Control Act was amended
Changes will be made to the format of the re-entry and departure ED card starting from July 1, 2014
For hightly skilled foreign professionals
Immigration Bureau's e-Notification System
Start of a new residence management system!
Changes to the Immigration Control Act!-New System of Residence Management-
New Immigration Procedures

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This section provides information on the organization/structure and locations of the immigration bureau
Immigration procedures
This section provides information on entry and stay for foreign nationals and other procedures the immigration bureau is responsible for
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Laws and regulations Concerning the Immigration Service
This section provides information on the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, the Alien Registration Law, and other applicable laws and regulations
Immigration control policies
This section provides information on Basic Plan for Immigration Control (3rd Edition), "Immigration Control 2005," and the immigration bureau's other policy initiatives
Measures to Combat Trafficking in persons
The immigration bureau has taken various swift with the cooperation of related ministries and agencies.[PDF]
Information bulletin board
This section provides information
Information centers
This section provides information on service counters that give advices on immigration control procedures.
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