2 Issuance of Special Permanent Resident Certificates to those who qualify



The new system of residence management does not involve special permanent residents, and therefore the system for persons under such status is essentially the same as before. However, some revisions will be made for the sake of convenience.

With the introduction of the new system of residence management, the Alien Registration Law and the alien registration certificate will be abolished. In lieu of the alien registration certificate, which certifies the legal status, the Minister of Justice is to issue a special permanent resident certificate to special permanent residents.

Other changes involve the information detailed on the special permanent resident certificate. The details on the certificate will be kept to a minimum; and required information has been significantly reduced compared to the current alien registration certificate. Procedures such as changes in registered information and reissuance of the certificate shall be handled at an office of the city, ward, town or village as before.

Furthermore, the requirements of the re-entry permit system will be eased, and a special permanent resident with a valid passport and a special permanent resident certificate will basically be exempt from applying for a re-entry permit in cases where he/she re-enters Japan within two years from his/her departure. In cases where a special permanent resident applies for a re-entry permit, the expiration date of the re-entry permit will be extended to 6 years from the current 4 years.

Effective Date

The actual date of enforcement shall be determined by a Cabinet order within three years from July 15, 2009, the promulgation date of the amended law

What is the Special Permanent Resident Certificate?

The special permanent resident certificate is equipped with an IC chip to prevent forgery and alteration, and the chip records all or part of the information included on the certificate. Besides the photograph, the information on the details of the certificate is as follows.

  1. 〈Legal items given〉
  2. Name in full, date of birth, sex, nationality or region provided for by a cabinet order as stipulated in Article 2, item 5, sub-item 2 of the Immigration Control Act
  3. Place of residence
  4. Number of the special permanent resident certificate, date of issue, date of expiration
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