Detailed Questions

3  Revision of the Training and Technical Intern Training Programs

What are the changes to the training and technical intern training programs? When will they take effect?


A new status of residence of gTechnical Intern Trainingh shall be established to cover the following two activities (Please refer to the figure of gOutline of Acceptance of eTechnical Intern Trainingf after Amendment of the Act (In the Case of Association Managed Training)h on the page titled g3 Revision of the Training and Technical Intern Training Programsh of the website on the amended law


  1. gActivities to acquire knowledge through group training coursesh and gactivities to acquire skills through employment agreementsh
    • i. Activities performed by an individual enterprise accepting employees of companies with whom the individual enterprise has business relations such as joint ventures overseas (Individual enterprise-based training)
    • ii. Activities performed under the supervision and responsibility of a non-profit organization such as a trade association (Association managed training)
  2. Activities for a person who has acquired knowledge and skills to engage in business that requires such knowledge and skills through an employment agreement

Labor laws such as the Labor Standards Law and the Minimum Wage Act shall be applied to activities for acquiring skills through employment agreements. Transfer from (1) to (2) shall be effected in accordance with the procedures for change of residence status.

As a countermeasure against brokers, the following have been newly added as persons subject to deportation:

  1. A person who has arranged the procurement of trainees, etc., for any organization other than approved accepting organizations.
  2. A person who has been involved in such acts as creating false documents to allow trainees etc., to enter Japan.