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Immigration Bureau of Japan

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Immigration Procedures

Various procedures for immigration control in Japan are governed by the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Immigration Control Act") and other related laws and regulations based thereon.

This guidebook has simple flowcharts, explanations and Q&A to provide guidance on a variety of immigration control procedures.

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Procedures for examinations for entires into and departures from Japan

Entry Procedures

Departure Procedures


Procedures for examinations for residence permits

We human beings usually engage in a variety of social activities in our social life. From this viewpoint, foreign residents might also change their intention or activity while staying in Japan. To evaluate what kind of impacts foreign resident's activities have on Japan's society, as well as to properly manage foreign residents in Japan, the immigration authority should not only manage foreign residents' entry to or departure from Japan, but also administer their status of residence.

Foreign residents in Japan may not engage in certain activities that are unauthorized under their status of residence. In addition, they may not change their activities in Japan without applicable permission, intending to run business or engaging in an activity that will yield remuneration. If a foreign resident would like to engage in an unauthorized activity under his/her status of residence, the foreign resident must apply for changing his/her status of residence and obtain permission from Minister of Justice to do so. If a foreign resident intends to keep his/her current status of residence but wants to start an income-generating business or activity that is unauthorized under his/her status of residence, the foreign resident must obtain permission for engaging in such unauthorized activity in accordance with the prescribed procedures. If a foreign resident intends to stay in Japan beyond his/her period of stay, he/she needs to apply for extending his/her period of stay.

Foreign residents must go through certain procedures as long as they stay in Japan. These procedures are called "Residence Procedures."

This section explains "Residence Procedures."

Procedures concerning the residency management system

Procedures concerning the issuance of a special permanent resident certificate

Procedures for notifying domicile

Deportation and Departure Order System

The Immigration Bureau also plays an important role to protecting Japan's public safety or national interests by forcibly deporting foreign nationals if they have illegally entered Japan, have stayed beyond their period of stay or have fallen under any other factors as stipulated in Article 24 (Deportation), Immigration Control Act.

Recognition of Refugee Status