List of Necessary Documents

  1. Application for certificate of eligibility
  2. Application for change of status of residence
  3. Application for extension of period of stay
  4. Application for permission to acquire status of residence
  5. Application for permanent residence
  6. Application for re-entry permit
  7. Application for recognition of refugee status
  8. Application for refugee travel document
  9. Application for permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted
  10. Application for certificate of authorized employment
  11. Application for issuance of a residence card (a switch from an alien registration certificate that is regarded as a residence card)
  12. Application for issuance of a residence card (an application by a person who does not possess an alien registration certificate at the time of the enforcement of the Act)
  13. Notification of a change in an item on the residence card (other than the address)
  14. Application for extension of the valid period of the residence card
  15. Application for reissuance of the residence card due to loss
  16. Application for reissuance of a residence card due to it being defaced or soiled
  17. Application for reissuance of a residence card in cases the cardholder wishes to have the card exchanged
  18. Notification of the accepting organization(“Professor,” “Investor/Business Manager,” “Legal/Accounting Services,” “Medical Services,” “Instructor,” “Intercompany Transferee,” “Technical Intern Training,” “College Student,” “Trainee”)
  19. Notification on the contracting organization(“Researcher,” “Engineer,” “Specialist in Humanities/International Services,” “Entertainer,” “Skilled Labor”)
  20. Notification concerning the spouse
  21. Notification of acceptance of mid-to-long-term resident
  22. Notification concerning the acceptance situation for medium to long-term residents with the status of residence of “College Student”
  23. Application for indication of name using kanji characters on the residence card
  24. Return of a residence card
  25. Notification on the address after initial landing (medium to long-term residents)
  26. Notification on change of address resulting from change of status of residence (medium to long-term residents)
  27. Notification on the change in address (medium to long-term residents)
  28. Notification on the address by a person whose place of residence does not fall under an address (medium to long-term residents)
  29. Notification on the address by a person not registered as an alien (medium to long-term residents)