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Permission for Permanent Residence


Permission for Permanent Residence

The status of permanent residence is granted when certain conditions have been satisfied by foreign nationals who reside in Japan under another status of residence and who have applied for change of status of residence to permanent residence or by those who have applied to acquire status of residence due to birth or renouncement of Japanese nationality.

If a foreign resident is authorized to stay in Japan on a permanent basis, he/she will stay in Japan with the status of residence "Permanent Resident." The status of residence "Permanent Resident" provides much more advantageous treatments than other statuses of residence because it does not limit the status holder's activities or period of stay. For this reason, the immigration control authority needs to examine permanent resident applicants much more closely than other applicants for merely changing their status of residence. From this viewpoint, immigration control legislations set forth separate provision for permanent resident status, independent from ordinary procedures for change of Status of Residence.