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Re-entry Permit


Re-entry Permit

Re-entry permission is permission which is granted prior to departure by the Minister of Justice in order to simplify the immigration (entry and landing) procedures in cases where foreign nationals residing in Japan temporarily depart from Japan and intend to re-enter Japan. (Please also see “Special Re-entry Permit” section.)

When a foreign national staying in Japan has departed from Japan without obtaining a re-entry permit (including a Special Re-entry Permit), the status of residence and period of stay permitted for the foreign national shall lapse. Therefore, if the foreign national intends to re-enter Japan, he/she needs to newly obtain a visa prior to the re-entry, file an application for landing and obtain a landing permit after going through procedures of examination for landing.

In the meantime, a foreign national who has obtained a re-entry permit (including a Special Re-entry Permit) is exempted from presenting a visa, which is ordinarily required, upon filing an application for landing at the time of re-entry. Furthermore, after landing in Japan, his/her previous status of residence and period of stay are deemed to remain valid.

There are two types of re-entry permit: a permit that is valid only once and a multiple re-entry permit that can be used multiple times until the expiration date. The period of validity for re-entry permit shall be determined within the current permitted period of stay for up to five years (or six years for special permanent residents).