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Acquisition Status of Residence


Acquisition Status of Residence

If a foreign national who was born in Japan, an individual who became a foreign national after renouncing Japanese nationality, or a United States of America military personnel member stipulated in Article 1 of the Status of Forces Agreement between Japan and the United States of America who lost the status wishes to continue living in Japan, he must acquire a status of residence.

However, it would be unrealistic if these foreign residents assumed the same immigration control-related obligations as ordinary foreign nationals immediately after losing their eligibility. In addition, some of these foreign residents might not have an intention to stay in Japan for a long time. In this context, the immigration control authority allows these foreign nationals to continuously stay in Japan for additional 60 days after occurrence of the aforementioned event, even if they don't have effective status of residence. If they intend to stay in Japan for more than 60 days, they must apply for Acquisition status of residence within 30 days after occurrence of these events.

If a foreign resident intends to acquire his/her status of residence, he/she must apply to Minister of Justice for acquiring his/her status of residence in accordance with the applicable procedures as set forth in the Immigration Control Act Enforcement Regulations.